Vendetta Online brings fast paced space-MMORPG experience to Android(tm).

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, June 10th 2010. Award-winning independent game
developer Guild Software(tm) Inc has announced an upcoming native port of
their 3D MMORPG title, Vendetta Online(tm), to the Google(r) Android(tm) OS.
Currently being implemented for the NVIDIA(r) Tegra(tm) mobile processor,
the space-based game features a rich backstory and intense realtime combat.

"We've very excited to be among the first to bring a PC-style MMO experience
to a low-power, mobile platform with amazing battery life," said John
Bergman, CEO of Guild Software. "The potential for people to enjoy an
engaging multiplayer game while relaxing outside, or waiting on a subway,
could represent a compelling new use-case for these highly portable

The Android(tm) port of Vendetta Online is currently intended to target
higher performance tablet, smartbook and netbook type devices, utilizing
higher-resolution displays. Public availablility of Vendetta Online for
Android is expected later in the year. Additionally, an Android(tm) build
target will be included with an upcoming version of the NAOS Engine(tm),
Guild Software's proprietary MMO middleware which powers Vendetta Online.

Representatives of Guild Software will be available at E3 Expo 2010. For
more information about the upcoming Android(tm) port of Vendetta Online,

About Guild Software, Inc

Guild Software is an independent game developer based in Milwaukee, WI.
Founded in 1998, the company has continually pursued the cutting edge in
large-scale multiplayer environments. Developing a completely proprietary
MMO engine from scratch, these efforts culminated in the 2002 public alpha 
debut and 2004 multi-platform retail launch of Vendetta Online(tm). Guild 
Software continues to expand upon Vendetta Online, using the title to further 
both the game and the NAOS Engine on which it is based, striving towards the 
next generation in unbounded, evolving worlds. To learn more, visit us at .

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