Vendetta Online launches the Space MMO experience for Gear VR.

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, October 20th, 2016. Independent game developer
Guild Software has released their long-running MMORPG, Vendetta
Online, for the Samsung Gear VR. Owners of these devices may now
drop into the 3D cockpits of their own fighters and capships, all
while trading, mining, or battling their way across a vast galaxy.

"We're thrilled to be bringing our immersive MMO experience to
a mobile VR platform," said John Bergman, CEO of Guild Software.
"By leveraging both integrated Voice Chat, as well as Voice-to-Text,
our goal is to make the VR experience as engaging socially as it is

Vendetta Online's debut marks the first time a persistent-world MMORPG
has launched on a mobile VR platform, adding to the game's existing
support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and the Oculus Rift. 
With all platforms participating in the same unified galaxy, and
seamless transition between them, the title delivers serious, PC-grade
gaming across devices both large and small. For more information
on Vendetta Online for the Samsung Gear VR, visit:

About Guild Software, Inc

Guild Software is an award-winning independent game developer based in
Milwaukee, WI. Founded in 1998, the company has continually pursued the
cutting edge in large-scale multiplayer environments. Developing a
completely proprietary MMO engine from scratch, these efforts culminated in
the successful launch of Vendetta Online. Guild Software continues to
expand upon Vendetta Online, using the title to further both the game and
the NAOS Engine on which it is based, striving towards the next generation
in unbounded, evolving worlds. To learn more, visit us at .

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