Guild Software announces upcoming multi-platform MMO middleware solution:
The NAOS Engine.

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, March 6th 2010. Award-winning independent game
developer Guild Software, Inc has announced the upcoming launch of a new MMO
middleware product: the NAOS Engine. Developed to power their long-running,
continuously-upgraded retail MMORPG, Vendetta Online, this engine provides a
complete and multi-platform solution, with native client build targets for
Windows, Mac and Linux. The highly scalable distributed game server uses
lightweight Erlang threading to provide persistent handling of hundreds of
thousands of individual NPCs and other game elements, with seamless
management as they transition across running/non-running boundaries in the
game universe. A well-proven update/patch server and client are also included,
the server allowing optimized binary patching and user queues for rate
limiting and overflow. The update client supports redundant failover to
multiple patch server clusters, and includes automated client crash reporting,
with fetching and submission of auto-generated tracebacks via HTTP to a
proprietary bug tracking system. Finally, a completely custom Lua/FastCGI-based
web content management system, with proven billing, messageboard, mailing
list and administrative features, rounds out the server solution, creating a
nearly-complete package for the prospective MMO developer. All server
software can be run on either FreeBSD or Linux, and works well with existing
RDBMS solutions such as MySQL or Oracle, as well as DBMS such as Mnesia.
Beyond the use of a database for persistency, an integrated RDF triple-store
is in development to more elegantly enable applications such as advanced AI,
simulated-economics, and monitoring tasks.

The NAOS Engine will be available either as a complete licensed source
package, or individual components may be licensed separately at a reduced
cost. The product is expected to launch in the year, and will be followed by
the NAOS Platform, a cloud-based MMO development solution which also includes
scalable hosting, with sliding pricing based on usage and revenue, to help
startup MMO developers focus purely on their games. For more information,
or to contact Guild Software, please see:

About Guild Software, Inc
Guild Software is an award-winning independent game developer based in
Milwaukee, WI. Founded in 1998, the company has continually pursed the
cutting edge in large-scale multiplayer environments. Developing a
completely proprietary MMO engine from scratch, these efforts culminated in
the 2002 public alpha debut and 2004 multi-platform retail launch of Vendetta 
Online(tm). A relatively early entry into the Space MMO genre, the title remains 
one of the few with a completely realtime, "twitch" combat model. Vendetta Online
later broke ground with the launch of the Player Contribution Corps, a mechanic 
by which the player community may directly contribute content for use in the 
production game, via web-based mission development and other tools. Guild Software
continues to expand upon Vendetta Online, using the title to further both the
game and the NAOS Engine on which it is based, striving towards the next
generation in unbounded, evolving worlds.

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