A Method for Load-Time Conversion of DXTC Assets to ATC
Ray Ratelis, John Bergman - March 1st, 2012


      Most games developed for PC and Console tend to store their textures in the game-industry standard DXTC (S3TC) format. In this paper we present a methodology for load-time conversion of DXTC assets into the ATC format, suitable for loading on Qualcomm Snapdragon hardware, featuring the Adreno series of mobile GPUs. Due to the relative similarities between the texture formats, this process does not incur significant CPU overhead. All types of DXTC textures may be successfully converted on load-time, including "DXT5N" alpha+green compressed normal maps. Some slight artifacts may also be introduced during conversion, due to the green channel differences, which we describe. For most game usage, we consider the artifacts to be acceptable. This conversion method is currently in production use by Vendetta Online.

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